Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer update

Last week we headed to Bear Lake for a girl's day trip. Why have we not been doing this more often? This could be our Utah version of Sauvie's Island (in Oregon.) We all had the best time and just loved lounging on the beach. The other girls seemed to be having a good time reading their books, laying out, and visiting while I chased after Lydia all day. My time wasn't relaxing but that will come soon enough. For now I wouldn't trade the constant care and supervision that an infant needs for anything in the world. I just wish Ryan could have been here to delight in Lydia's discoveries like I did, he has missed so much these past two months, it makes me so sad for him.

We keep plenty busy while living in my parent's house. We still see a lot of family and the girls have loved living here. We are a MONTH longer than we anticipated and we are all anxious to get into our house and be a family again. When I can, I leave Lydia home and I wake up at 5 and work on the house until noon when Lydia wakes up. Ryan is currently living in the storage space down in the garage with all the spiders. He works on the house any spare hour he gets. Due to his obsession with perfection things have taken longer than expected, but it will be worth it in the end. My favorite thing when I go to North Ogden is to stop at the Straw Market for breakfast and the best cinnamon rolls ever!

There are soooooo many different birds where my parent's live. Mostly they are beautiful, some are annoying. This little species of bird is so swift and agile that they like to fly in and out of the different balconies on the property. Sadly for them the windows look like more of nature and so they fly full speed ahead and usually result in death. This little bird lived for a few minutes before he gave up the ghost. So we had a funeral for him and buried him in the backyard. these were Emma's words "Dear Birdie, I will never forget you and I will love you the rest of my life, dear, dear yellow bird."

We love exploring the area around my parent's property. There are some great hikes right in their backyard that leads down to the river where there is plenty of wildlife to be found. I love having meals on the back patio and just sitting out there to visit and talk.

For the 4th of July we spent half of it in Liberty and half in Logan. Friday night we went to a concert and BBQ with my sister Sara and her family of some friends we had in the valley. Emma loved dancing in the crowd and when I went to take her photo I couldn't find her anywhere. Finally I looked up on stage and she had made her way up with the singer and the band and was dancing with them, she's a little young to be a groupie but it was sure cute.
Kylee and Brody joined us Saturday for the cutest hometown celebration that this country puts on. We enjoyed the booths and activities at Liberty Days, along with dinner at t-Roadhouse and my favorite fireworks display ever. Liberty would make Norman Rockwell proud.

Monday we had a great progressive celebration going to different homes and parks all day long doing fun activities for the whole family. I'm so thankful to live in this free country and I'm even more thankful to live in the wonderful state of Utah. God Bless America!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Blink of an Eye

FINALLY! I updated my photo blog. Blogger is not a user friendly program, so no wonder I put it off for so long. But feel free to check it out to see some photos of family members or friends you may know.