Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sunrise hike

These little girls are so funny.  I'm not even sure how this happened, but they figured out the best childhood memory ever.  This activity has kept them entertained for hours.  It's relatively safe, and it looks like a blast.  I'm rather jealous.

 The Litchfields took us to dinner at Five Guys in Ogden.  Ummmm, hello.  Why are those burgers so yummy?!  Loved the company and the food.

My mom came and spent the night with the girls so Ryan and I could have a date night.  We met up with the Tippings and hiked into Ogden Canyon a ways and then built a fire, had foil dinners, and great conversation.  This is one of my favorite date night activities.

The next day the girls and I took the train with Annie to the Gateway.  We had lunch on the train and then went and saw Born To Be Wild at the IMAX.  Soooo cute!

I picked my sister Stacey up from the airport and I loved having her to myself all day.  We went to multiple consignment shops and out to lunch at Zuppas.  Then that night we got together with my mom and sisters for dinner and a girl's night slumber party.  This rarely happens and is just so much fun when the stars align to make it possible.

While I was having a girls night, Ryan took his girls on a daddy daughter date.  They hiked up the mountains behind our house and had a fire and dinner.  Emma was loaded down with a pack that I would normally carry.  She is just the best outdoor adventure gal I know.

The sister's night continued into the next day when we all went to Witches Night Out.  My niece Rachel, who I adore, also joined us.  Witches Night Out just can't be beat!  One of my favorite Fall activities.
 Stacey and I posed with these random men who were there as well.  I don't know why on earth a man would attend, but at least these men got into it.

Okay, this day is my most favorite and cherished day since being a mother.  I woke Emma up at 5:30 to join me for a sunrise hike on Ben Lomond.  She is such a champ!  She kept a great pace and a positive attitude and really just soaked in the beauty and excitement of our adventure.  I'm so excited for this next chapter in my life where I can find a true friend in my children.

 All the adults we passed just couldn't get over what a trooper Emma is.  She could have kept hiking much farther, but I knew that what goes up, must come down, and so I made us turn back before she was ready.
 My little peacock and flamingo birdies were so good to let me take their photos.  I love having matching costumes and I know I won't be able to get away with it forever, so I'm enjoying it while I can.

We originally had a hard time with potty training Lydia.  She just didn't WANT to go on the potty.  We tried everything.  In the end it was the Phantom of the Opera that did the trick.  We told her she couldn't watch that movie again until she went on the potty.  Sure enough, next day she went.  She was so excited and said "Yeah!!  I get my barbie now!!  And the Phantom is so proud of me!!"  Go figure.  In the photo below, Lydia is wearing some of Emma's panties, that's why they are tied up with an elastic.  We have since bought Lydia her own, but they are still baggy since she is just a little minute.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Salem Witches

School has brought out the absolute best in Emma.  She is really thriving and just a constant joy to have around.  Here we are at Lee's Marketplace for an after school snack.  I love having one on one time with her.

We eat an insane amount of garden tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese.  New to the group is a pesto topping that my sister gave me from Costco.  The three ingredients make the best team ever!

Bundy went and helped our friend Jed work on the new garage he is building.  I sent Emma with him and she, Addi and Jace had the best time playing in the dirt ALL DAY!  We just love the Malmbergs and wish we saw more of them, but darn it, life just keeps us all so busy.

We went to Logan and spent the night at my parent's house for the conference weekend.  Before the Priesthood session we all went out to eat at Indian Oven.  We had fun hanging out with Sara and Cody and my parents.  We played cards, had dessert, and watched the best of Saturday night live.

Sunday my parents hosted their Halloween party and I loved having it at the first of the month.  We had fabulous food, games, and costumes. My parents go to so much work to create great memories for our family.  I love having my children benefit from the talents and traditions of my parents.

 My dad put on a frightening display of his butcher shop experience.  I don't think there were tears this year, but it sure gave the kids a good fright.

We had our neighborhood bbq that took place in our driveway.  We didn't have to do any of the work, we have very reliable neighbors.  It was a great turn out and delicious food.  I just love living in North Ogden!

I can't say enough just how much I love having two little girls who play so well together.  It is so nice knowing that if Lydia goes outside to play, Emma will take good care of her.  I love living in a cul-de-sac and feeling secure that my girls are out of harms way when they are outside.

I love to volunteer in Emma's class so I can check out what's going on.  I picked out my favorite little girl and arranged a play date with her.  Luckily for me, the girls had a great time and I am hoping that I can continue to choose Emma's friends for years to come.

Over six years ago we went to Martin's Cove and had the most amazing experience.  The friendships we made there will always be near and dear to me.  We met the Tippings on that trip and have remained friends with them even though they've been gone for the last four years pursuing higher education.  We're so happy to have them back.  We've had some great week day dinner dates with them and this night we went to check out their new house in South Ogden.  I'm hoping they'll frequent my blog/life more often.

I would think that this far into the year I would be better with bringing my camera with me, but instead it seems I am getting worse.  Oh well, thank goodness for google images.  The Stowers (Cody and Holly) treated us to dinner at Zuppas.  It is the yummiest place ever!  We had a great long chat and then went to Farrs Fresh where Ryan won a free ice-cream.  Now this is my kind of date night!  Cody and Holly are our oldest friends (since being married) and I'm so proud of us for being good at getting babysitters and still going out as's soooo necessary.

My sister Sara had her annual Halloween party and my friend Teagen came as my date.  We went as Salem witches.  I was burned at the stake.  My hair had ash in it and my dress was tattered and burned.  It was fun to go as something other than a sexy witch...sooooo played.

Sara and her friend Tiffany totally outdid themselves.  The food, games and prizes were a smashing success.  We won a prize for best cat walk and also for winning the scavenger hunt.  I'm already looking forward to next year.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apple Dumplings

I LOVE putting Lydia to bed.  She is so easy and so snugly.  We read Lama Lama Red Pajama every night and then we both sing songs.  Nobody has to tell me that I'm going to miss this stage, I already know it.

 Emma has turned into such a helpful little girl.  She takes chores and tasks upon herself and loves to be appreciated.  I don't know what I would do without her.

 Emma grabbed my camera and snapped some photos of me spending an ENTIRE day working on the girls Halloween costumes.

For our family fun day we went to Willard Bay for a picnic and playing in the water.  It sure was nice and close to our house, but not my favorite beach. 
 The Willard mountains are my most favorite mountains in all of Utah. 

We had our neighbors, the Litchfields, over for apple dumplings on Sunday and enjoyed visiting with them as always. This recipe is INSANE!!  HERE is the link, check it out  :)

I think the girls would prefer horsey rides from their dad rather than a real horse.  This is their favorite past time.

Emma and Lydia in their Halloween pajamas.  Ohhh to be young and so easily amused.