Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Optimistic in Oklahoma (catchy phrase eh?)

So for those of you who don't know, which is most everybody, I thought I should do a little update of what has been happening in our household. Everything went rather quickly and in the end we feel really optimistic about the next six months. Ryan decided to take a summer job and work for a sales company formerly known as APX, and has now branched out to bigger and better products and has become Vivant. He will be going with a team to work in Oklahoma City starting in April and will be gone for four and a half months. He will only come home for one visit at the end of June to join my family for a trip to Havasupai Falls. This trip will celebrate something different for most of my other family members, but for us we will be celebrating Ryan's 30th birthday. After hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and then climbing back out again, we will return home, get our girls, and head back to Oklahoma City. The girls and I will live with him for the month of July, and then head home for the last month of the summer. He will finish his work and then be done come September. Big news for us. It's tough times out there and we're hoping this is just the ticket we need to get ahead so Ryan can pursue more of his business passions. The photo below is a little irrelevant to this update, but it shows how beautiful Havasupai is and why our summer will revolve around this two night trip.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Going Gray

My mom came up and took me and the girls to lunch at Wingers. Then turned around and drove the hour home. I appreciate both of my parent's efforts in not letting an hour distance come between us.

Emma has the BEST time at her pre-school St. Patrick's Day party, it might have even been better than our green french toast.

The girls in their Naartjie leggings, my favorite kids clothing item ever!

Capri Suns are a staple in our house. I feel like the Roaring Waters are better than actual sugary juice, but who knows. Lydia probably goes through three or four of these a day!

Sunday we went to my mom's for dinner while my dad was in China. We attempted to make bunny cake balls, but just turned them into cute characters. The kids loved them!

My aunt Lee sewed me this table cloth custom made for our dining table. I picked out the fabric from fabric.com and am just tickled to have a good tablecloth. Thanks again Lee!

The flu made a full circle through our house hold. It was a LONG week!

I started going gray at 14. I have had to color my roots since I was 25. It needs to be done every 3 weeks or so. I don't have any pity on ANY of my friends who have ONE gray hair here or there.

My parents have the best tub. It has air bubbles instead of jets and a light that changes color. It's the best babysitter around. I just sit in the room and read my book. I don't lave them TOTALLY unattended.

We LOVE this juice. It is loaded with fruits but also wheat grass, soy, barley, carrots, spinach and all sorts of other veggies. Both the girls go to town on it, and I would drink it myself but it's not super cheap, so Ryan and I refrain and just give it to the girls.

We borrowed Cody's truck and Ryan took a full load of yard debris to the dump. Good thing he did, because the snow returned the next day.

Woke up to snow this morning. I don't mind it because I know Spring is just around the corner. So is a much needed trip to Las Vegas.

We had a really fun week and there are a lot of events I didn't photograph. In no particular order we....
Spent two nights with my parents
Emma had a slumber party with her favorite cousin Milly
Ryan went to a Jazz game and got to slap hands with the players
We had the best date night with our new friends the Wimmers
Girls played at the Jensens while I ran errands
Watched Survivor and caught up with the Searles
Ordered bedding on etsy for my mom (I like spending other people's money)
Had the yummiest sushi rolls and visited with our friends the Craguns
Emma had multiple play dates with her friend Addi (they are kindred spirits)
Had my mom to myself a lot
Emma had time to snuggle with her Papa (my dad) they are each other's favorites
Ate at Texas Roadhouse twice and ordered the salmon and savored every bite
Had our favorite neighbors over for Sunday dinner
Happily put in my two weeks at Olive Garden

Monday, March 14, 2011

Date Night

I don't make cookies. Ever. I think in our eight years of marriage, I've made them less than five times. My sister and my aunt make the best cookies there ever was, and so when mine aren't as good as theirs, I figure, why bother? I finally decided to give it another go, and guess what, they were delicious. Kid, I think I'm on to something here.

I was able to finish my projects with the fabric I bought a few weeks ago. Here is the finished result of the leggings I made for Emma and Lydia.

My mom came and spent the night with our girls and we went out with the Stowers for a Thursday night date night. We had dinner at Olive Garden, dessert at Farr's Fresh, and then games at the Stowers. I love the Stowers, and I love that they are always willing and know the importance of leaving the kids with a sitter and getting out for some adult time. Date nights when you're older just make all the difference. Thanks again mom.

Emma had been asking me every day to check the mail because she knew a package from her "Aunt" Kylee was coming. Sure enough, it was everything she dreamed it would be. Her very own miniature tea party set. Thanks again Kylee, you made her week!

The girls having a tub, the only place I give them popsicles.

My Aunt Lee used some of my fabric to make me this fleece tablecloth that is the ultimate for playing games and cards.

The girls are better and better at playing together. That three and a half year age gap is finally starting to close up. In our house we pretty much always have a musical going in the background. Phantom of the Opera, Mama Mia, or Annie can always be heard, either on the tv or from BOTH girls singing them ALL day long!

This is my project for today.....to fill the shelves.

Monday, March 7, 2011

High Five!

The week leading up to the birthday we get out the birthday tree and put one ornament on a day. It adds to the excitement and helps Emma grasp the concept of time.
My parents had myself and my sisters and our husbands over for a tasteful seminar on intimacy in marriage. I've never heard of ANY other parents doing this for their children, let alone their son-in-laws. We all had such a great discussion and benefited from this evening greatly. I know it can be taboo to some, but I think every relationship needs to have this topic addressed. Thanks again mom and dad!

We spent the night at my parents and LOVED taking the girls sledding down their hill. Lydia was in heaven! It was an absolute beautiful day.

This photo speaks for itself. One of my favorite winter scenes I must say.

My sweetest little Emma turned five today! She is still the same joy, ENERGY, and light she was five years ago. Not much about her has changed over the years. She has a heart of gold, confidence like I've never seen, has trouble watching where she is going, and is the most obedient child there ever was. I am so thankful to have her as my first born.

Every other year we rotate between a friend's party and a family party, this year was a family party. My mom kept Lydia so Ryan and I could take Emma to spend the day with us. We went to see a 3D IMAX movie at the Gateway, took her to build-a-bear to buy a new friend courtesy of her grand-parents, and then we went to Firehouse Pizza for lunch.

My mom and Lydia came back and joined us for cake and presents. It was sooooo nice just keeping the day low key and spoiling the most deserving girl there ever was.
Laying out all of Emma's birthday presents from Ryan and I

Finally finished a LONG over due shower gift for my cousin Jessica. This is her marriage advice book. A big thanks to all of those who emailed me entries. For those who didn't, you will still have your chance.
I work at Olive Garden on nights and weekends. I love getting out of the house, and what can I say, the money is great! This is how much I WALKED with (after tipping out) last Friday night.

Ryan brought me flowers for no reason!

...So I made him breakfast in bed for no reason :)

Ohhh, Monday, cleaning day. Thanks to this "magic eraser" our house actually gets clean. This little friend of mine can get out just about anything, but is used mostly on marker stains left behind on the counters and walls.