Monday, June 11, 2012


Oh me oh my do I hate getting behind in blogging.  What a wonderful month May has been.  So brace yourself for an overwhelming amount of photos.

 For family fun night we took the girls up to Porcupine Dam to go kayaking and have a cook out.  They haven't stopped talking about this adventure all month.  We had the most wonderful time just the four of us out in nature and we truly were over come with gratitude for all of God's creations.

 My parents got "bummer lambs" yet again this year.  Bummer lambs essentially have a death sentence if the mom has twins and can't care for both or if the mother has died herself.  So it's taken a lot of care from my parents and the girls to keep these lambs bottle fed and cared for.  Emma spends almost every spare second with them.  She reads them stories, sings to them, and tucks them into bed when she can.  My dad and Bundy had the fun task of castrating them and snipping off their tails.

I was dying my hair one afternoon and won a "whoa" from Bundy when we saw me walking around like that.  Our poor husbands and the unpretty sides they get to see of us.  So I had Ry snap a photo.  Then I needed to redeem myself and have him snap another photo once I was ready for the day.

For my sister Sara's birthday her husband got her a hotel and Sara invited myself and her BFF Tiffany to go to SLC.  We had the BEST time shopping, eating out, and just having girl talk.  Then the next day my mom put on a party down by the river with the family.  I just love my sister and am so glad that I have one sister left who doesn't live in Washington.

My brave mom took Emma and her two cousins for an adventure in Yellow Stone, just for fun.

 They had the BEST time staying at hotels, eating out, exploring, and of course visiting Bear World.

While Annie had Emma we left Lydia with the Jensens so we could have an adventure of our own.  We have never really spent too much time exploring all that Salt Lake has to offer so we went up Little Cotton Wood Canyon for the first time and were blown away with how beautiful it is. THESE are the Rocky Mountains. 

 We had the most charming stay at the Snow Bird Inn.  I LOVED having a real wood burning fireplace in our room and sleeping with the porch door open so we could hear the river.  I hope with all my hope that we make this a tradition.

We got a great deal on a package this time of year and enjoyed a delicious all expense paid breakfast with beautiful views.  We pretty much had the whole resort to ourselves.

We loved seeing actual sites where the pioneers took the stone for the Salt Lake Temple.  

So then we went to see that beautiful stone from the Canyon put to good use.  We also got massages from the school, serious shopping at both new malls, and met our friends the Tippings for Thaiphoon.  This has to be the best weekend I've had all year!

Sara broke her iPhone so Bundy decided to give it a go to fix her screen.  This is just a sample of how intricate the phones are and what replacing a screen entails.  Bundy lives for this kind of stuff.

Emma finished up with gymnastics for the school year.  I have LOVED the program at the Sports Academy and can't wait for her to keep on growing and learning come fall time.

Ry and I volunteered to help with Emma's school field trip to the Willow Park Zoo.  It's been so much fun knowing each of the kids in Emma's class.

We drove over Avon and met our favorite neighbors ever, the Litchfields, for dinner at Eats of Eden.  Fantastic company and the best bread pudding ever!!
 On our drive back over Avon we found three kittens abandoned by the side of the road.  What else could we do besides take them home?  We bottle fed them through a syringe through the night and took them to the shelter the next morning.  It was a short lived adventure in being a pet owner.  Notice how Lydia put her kitty down to pose for a photo.  Little Hammy Ham.

We have tried to enjoy the RZR on every nice day there is.  We headed up Millville Canyon one night and were just blown away by the views.  These photos don't do it justice.  I can't say enough how much I LOVE UTAH!!
For Memorial weekend we had a progressive dinner with my Logan Family.  We ended at Lee's house to have dessert and celebrate Jake's graduation.  Nothing beats family!

Memorial Day morning my uncle Gary hosted a breakfast for the whole famdamily.  We opened with the Pledge of Allegiance....
 ....and then Emma topped it off with reciting the Preamble to the Constitution.  Always a hit :)

This little baby Rafe Densely just couldn't be more adorable.  Bundy is all sorts of baby hungry, and this little guy just pushed him over the edge.
 We brought Emma's lemonade stand that my dad made for her and let her have a practice run for this summer.  The family was very generous in donating to her cause.  The juice was free but she had jokes and songs would perform in exchange for some coins :)

Below is the first and last day of Kindergarten for Emma.  What a WONDERFUL year this has been for her.

My Aunt Carol was Emma's teacher for the last five months of school and it has been so wonderful to spend so much time with her.  I've always thought highly of my aunt, but seeing her and all the effort she gives to these children just sky rockets my admiration for her.  We saw a huge difference when Emma transferred to Carol's class in her reading and math skills.  This was definitely worth the hour and twenty minute drive each day just so she could be in Mrs. Searles class.  A big thanks to Principal Jenkins (who Emma adores and is in a photo below) for making a boundary exception.
 One thing I just adore about Carol's class is that she has a piano in the class room and is a great pianist.  She has taught the kids some darling songs about self confidence and it's been a great learning tool as well.  Emma had a little boyfriend this year.  Kaio.  She was practically consumed with him.  They would hold hands, exchange daily gifts of home made drawings and other trinkets.  I never made a stink about it because I think this phase will run it's course by second grade....or at least I hope it will. 

For the end of the school year celebration Emma got to have her first ever slumber party with Addi Malmberg, her best friend from Ogden.  We don't really do slumber parties, but there's an exception to every rule :)