Monday, June 24, 2013


 Well it's about time!!  I am so behind on May because I have so many posts, where do I even begin?  The above photo  represents a Mother's Day photo shoot we had, photo to follow at another time.  The below photo represents a FANTASTIC trip we had to Las Vegas with our dear friends the Wimmers, photos to follow at another time.

 We came back from Las Vegas to some ADORABLE bunnies that my parents purchased for my dad's bunny resort that he constructed out in their hair field.  I was IN-LOVE with this little bunny.

We had a super fantastic Cinco De Mayo party at my parents with some cousins from my Skeen side of the family who I haven't seen in years!  I wish I would've taken more photos, but sadly, I did not.  We had pinatas down by the river, gun shooting (Ryan starting Emma young) and some good old four square and wall ball games.  I love the Skeens energy and enthusiasm for everything.  Hopefully we will be seeing much more of them :)

A week after we got back from Las Vegas I headed up to Cannon Beach for a weekend getaway with my mom and sisters.  I haven't laughed so hard or had so much fun with my family in the longest time. 

While I was away I left an envelope with a note and an activity/prize for the girls to open every day. 

Ry was good to the girls and came up with fun activities for them to do, including build their own birdhouses. 

To be honest, Ry spent most of his time (especially meal times) over at the Jensens.  This was Jake's farewell weekend and the Hatches were in town.  I was SICK to miss it, but glad that the rest of my fam got to enjoy the party. 

The girls, missing me terribly :)  

I did get home in time to see one last movie with Jake and to be there for his setting apart.  I am so thankful to have been there for his setting apart, definitely one of the most loving, spiritual and memorable experiences I've had.  Jake is such a character.  He has been amazing to my little girls, over the top awesome to them.  He has been a great friend to Ryan and I and I'm so thankful to be part of his missionary experience with him.

 For Mother's Day we had the BEST brunch at a little place called Herm's.  It was nothing short of divine.  I loved spending the day with my wee bonnie lasses and my sweet husband.  The four of us have such a unity and perfect sync in our family.  I feel more blessed than I deserve.

Taking the girls on a GORGEOUS hike just behind my parent's house.

I'm in Activity Days.  We put on the mother/daughter activity for the year and it was super fun and the girls all had a great time.

Wrapping up the end of Emma's first grade.  Here is her little last day of school gift to her teacher, and her end of the year program that her class performed for all of the parents. 

Just a little end of the year project I whipped up for all the kids in Emma's class.  It's cool.  It's not like I have anything else to do.  You know that phrase about not loading your plate too full?  Yeah.  I don't know that phrase either.  Luckily my friend Georgia was in on this project too, so it really wasn't too much work.

Emma's first day of school photo....and her last.  Not too much change, except for the length of the dress!

We started off her last day of school with breakfast in bed.....
 ...then I decorated the street...
 ....the driveway....
 ...and the yard.

 We ended the day with some new summer presents, in the form of summer staples...flip flops, a new outfit, new sandals, etc.  Then we took the cute neighbor girl with us for a bike ride around usu and to Aggie ice-cream.  Then we washed it all down with a slumber party with Emma's best friend, Addi.  Ryan was pretty perplexed why we were making such a production out of the last day of school.  I got verclempt when i told him Emma has NEVER had a summer to just have a traditional childhood.  With a bike to ride, neighborhood kids to run and play with, and the stability of our own house.  Summers are very transient times for us, and FINALLY we are somewhere that she can have the childhood I did.
Welcome Summer....we've got big plans for you.