Thursday, December 12, 2013


 We started this month off by traveling under a rainbow, that really did happen.  We left the girls with my mom and the Jensens and drove to Fort Collins to stay with Kylee and Brody.  The drive was amazing, not having to change movies, get treats, make potty stops.  Plus I got to lay down, with a pillow and blanket in the back seat and nap for three hours, I was in heaven!!
 We had the BEST time visiting the Hatches.  They showed us such a great time and we seriously could never get sick of them, ever! The food was amazing.  Each restaurant totally unique and delicious.
 We LOVED the culture of the city.  We happened to be there for the Tour de Fat.  It's a bike parade where people dress up all sorts of cray cray. 
 Check out all these bikes!!  I would LOVE to live in a biking city, love it!!
 After the parade we went over to the little festival they had and I checked off a pinterest bucket list with a life size Jenga.

We spent the rest of the weekend biking, hiking, visiting, eating out, watching movies, and staying up really late talking.  I can't believe they've lived here for two years and this is our first time visiting.  We definitely hope to make it a much more common destination for us, especially sans kids ;) Kylee is my cousin who is 7 years younger than me but she has always been my closest cousin, even as a young girl I always wanted a little sister, so I just took her on as that and have seen it all the way through into adulthood.  It really works out for me since she doesn't have a big sister, besides me that is. We could totally be sisters, I mean look at our hair, you can't even tell who's it is!!

 I would like you to take notice of Bundy's beard, I believe this is the trip where he decided not to shave it anymore.  Heaven help me!
 Playing games and just being our true selves was my favorite part of this trip.  The conversations and connection is just so deep and so genuine. 

We returned home to help little Miss Lydia get ready for her first day of school.  Here she is waiting for her Father's Blessing that she has seen Emma have all these years.
We made some yummy cupcakes for her teacher....

She wanted to have her photo right where Emma always has hers.  Then she was off.  No tears (from either one of us luckily) and just a bright shiny smile.

My favorite activity of the month (besides seeing the Hatches) was when we drove up to Porcupine dam to see the salmon spawn.  Emma encouraged/begged all of us to get in the river and to try to catch the fish with our bare hands.  They were sooooooo fast!!!  Except for the ones that had just laid their eggs as their last act on Earth, they were on their way out and we were much more easily able to catch those.  It was the best activity we've had to date.  We did get the Rzr stuck in the mud for 2+ hours, but all ended well.  I seriously can't wait to do this again next year!!

 Meanwhile, Emma enjoys biking to school whenever the weather permits, and I enjoy picking her up and hearing about her day.  Look at that face, she is even sweeter than she looks.  Never a sassy word out of her mouth and obedient to a fault.

Lydia is LOVING pre-school.  It's right down the street from my Aunt Lee so she likes to walk or ride her bike from Lee's house to school, ya know, like Emma does.  

We had a beautiful RZR ride over Avon back into Liberty where we met the Tippings and their twins for some foil dinners.  Such a beautiful state we live in!!

 And so the medical problems begin.  Above the girls are having their teeth cleaned at our new Pediatric dentist.  Ummmmmm, movies in the ceiling?  Are you kidding me?  Kids these days just don't know how good they have it!  The above photo I found out the girls are missing their adult lateral incissors....can you say Cha Ching!!!  Below was Lydia's well child visit where we started the process of a day that we have always known was coming, she would need to have her tonsils and adenoids removed.  Fun.

Work stays busy with the Football season in full swing.  And although I don't love admitting I am a 32 year old bar tender, I have no shame in the amount of money I make, espcially for Cache Valley. 

 I am seriously in love with this little girl...IN LOVE!!!
For as sweet as she is, and I mean sweet, like dripping with sugar.  She snuggles constantly, can't bare the thought of disapointing anyone, and looks right into your little heart when she smiles at you.  With all that though, this girl's go-to pose is always a sassy super model pose, where does she get it form?!!  Seriously, I don't have Hollywood magazines lying around, it's a strict rule I have.  I don't watch E! or any other ridiculous slutty reality tv show.  It's Disney and the Food Network around here, and Survivor if the girls are lucky.  Kids I tell ya, kids!!

In my spare time, ya know, because I have so much of it, I wipped up this little necklace for the girls.  This might be a new favorite hobby of MIGHT be. 

Is there anything more memorable in childhood than School Picture Day?
 We LOVE the jump zone!!!

I don't know where this girl comes from.  She loves make-up, sparkles, jewelery, perfume, and anything fancy.  She completely cracks me up, but also worries me with her interest/obsession with beauty products.  She knows right where my mom and Lee keep their lipstick and perfume and will usually sneak off to find it before getting caught.

We closed out the month with many wonderful rainstorms and snuggles from Lydia's favorite blanky, Taggy.