Saturday, April 20, 2013


 Following in the tradition my mom set, we alternate every other birthday with a "Family Birthday" one year and a "Friends Birthday" another year.  However, Emma's birthday celebration got replayed about four different times this year, lucky girl.  Here we are crashing in on Brad's birthday celebration at Texas Roadhouse and we let Emma get some of the birthday attention as well.  She loves the birthday saddle and getting a "Yeeeee-Haaaaaaaaaaa!"

Afterwards we went back to the Jensens for gifts, dessert, and survivor.  Here's Lydia, my funny little diva.  She loves to dress herself, change outfits multiple times a day, and wear these non prescription glasses as an accessory.  

The leprechaun came and left the girls quite the "lucky loot." 

I made them each a rainbow in a jar, telling them they're the gold at the end of my rainbow.

We had a progressive dinner with my extended family and enjoyed getting our Kylee and Brody time in.  They've been visiting for spring break and we've tried to see them as much as possible.  

We really enjoyed supporting my cousin Jake as he went through the temple for the first time.  If this were Instagram I would label this photo as follows.....

Still trying to get our Kylee and Brody fill we crashed a Jensen dinner and then joined them all for bowling afterwards.  I'm just joking when I say we "crashed" the party, because honestly, it's not a party without us there ;)

Okay.  Let's get something straight.  A first grader does not do a science fair project....her parents do.  I'm okay with it though, because besides the board, the research and the actual experiment, what Ryan and I are really doing is getting Emma excited about learning and pushing herself to think outside the box.

Emma had a great time and was beside herself over the medal she won.  Her project was Cartesian Divers.  It was less of an experiment than a visual aide showing how air pressure causes objects to sink or float. 

A real treat for us is when Ryan's parents were passing through town and had some time to come over for a slumber party.  We loved having them in our home and letting the girls get some grandparent time. 

For Easter my parents and I took my girls and the Pete boys to the park for a yummy picnic. 

My parents put on a great egg hunt....

 ...and then we ended with the annual Royal Egg Joust, a hit every year.

 When we got home we gave the girls a talk about the importance of sisters.  We told them we had a little surprise gift for them to share since they are so sweet to each other.  So they went on a hunt throughout the house looking for a gift...what awaited them was in the basket. 

Lydia hugging her dad for making this possible.....yeah, like HE was the one behind it all.
 Holland Lop Bunny....$40
Rabbit cage $52
 Rabbit food, mulch, and litter box....$24

Creating a magical childhood.....priceless

Let me be slightly honest....I got the rabbit for ME, just as much as anyone else.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Well, It's about time!!

Our good friends, Matt and Krystal Tipping, are so blessed to be adding two new babies to their family.  We have been friends since the beginning years of our marriages.  We have been their for one another's victories, and heartbreaks.  After years of trying, and finally resulting to invetro, we are so happy for the set of TWINS headed to the Tipping household.  
For Krystal's birthday we took a jaunt down to Ogden for a last minute photo shoot.  Thank goodness I went when I did, because three days after these photos were taken the Dr. had her on strict bed rest.

Krystal was a champ to make it to her baby shower.  She had been in and out of the hospital, but the one thing she wanted to attend was this party.

As she walked in to the shower she was over come with gratitude for all of her friends and family that helped, and was super emotional.  It made all the hard work and detail efforts worth it!

CAN YOU STAND IT!!  Cutest cake and cookies ever!!!

I just adore this friend of mine.  She has been such a great example of faith in the face of hardship.  She is always laughing, even when life is hard, and she is quick to look at the blessings in life.  Thank goodness for friends!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Seventh Heaven

I had so much fun with Emma taking her 7 year old birthday photos.  We lucked out and had the PERFECT weather for the setting....thick, heavy, fog.  We just went out in the field behind our house and the fog worked as our friend.  I let Emma just do whatever poses she wanted, and boy did she work it!!!  I was so happy to have one last photo shoot of her with her sweet, tiny, baby teeth. 

For scheduling reasons we celebrated her birthday a week early and had a party at a hotel in SLC with my mom and Jaken as our guests.  

I got us a two bedroom suite at this awesome hotel

All Emma wanted for her birthday was new barbies.  Everyone delivered and she was a happy girl!

Emma is good through and through.  She made 3 birthday wishes since it took three times to blow the candles out.  Later I got her to tell me what her wishes were and my heart just melted.  She didn't wish for anything worldly or selfish.  Wish 1. For another little sister  2.  That we can always have the best family ever.  3.  That Jaken will always love her.

After swimming and dinner in the room, we went down to the theater room and watch Rise of the Guardians.  My mom, Ryan and I took notes and then afterwards had a great discussion about the amazing symbolism in the film with our Earth life experience.  

On Emma's actual birthday we had these balloons all prepared to fall in on her when she opened the door in the morning.

Then I made her favorite breakfast, eggs on toast, hash browns, and bacon.  She had a brand new outfit waiting for her and also more presents.

I don't know who loves this barbie more, she or I.  Look at her.  Isn't she beautiful.  And check out that pinterest inspired backdrop, to die for!!

Then during the day I let Emma pick a friend to take to lunch.  I bought both the girls matching shirts and we all had a great lunch at Olive Garden before returning them back to school.