Monday, March 30, 2009

All grown up

When we came back from Arizona Emma transitioned into her big girl room like a little champ. She already calls the nursery Lydia's room and LOVES sleeping in a bed over her crib. We'll put her in the crib when company comes though. We did put a bed rail on the bed which helps me sleep good at night and not worry about her so much. I love the bright colors of her room and snuggling with her before bed while reading books. I've been buying decor for this room for the last year and a half and it has been so fun to finally place it and give it a home outside the closet.

Keeping Busy

It's been really nice to be home and get back into the swing of things. Three weeks is a long time, I don't care how much fun you're having. Our first week home we enjoyed super nice weather, and the second week, not so much. But here's some things that have kept us busy....

We went up to Logan and stayed the night with the Jensens. They are so good to watch Emma and take care of all her needs. We've got it down where I hardly even have to explain her routine and I don't have a single worry in my head while I'm gone. We took off with Kylee and Brody and went up Logan canyon for a VERY yummy foil dinner and s'mores PLUS dutch oven cobbler. We stayed and talked and burned roadside debris until pretty late. Then went back to the Jensens and played cards with Lee and then she went to bed while we stayed up late talking some more. We are sorely going to miss these guys and are tyring to see as much of them as we can before they head down South, possibly to never return :( I can't think about it.

Also while in Logan we took Emma to see her Skeen cousins for Spencer's birthday party. She LOVES cousins and always looks forward to seeing them.

Our dinosaur membership expires this month so I took Emma a couple more times before it did. I definitely got my money's worth. I loved having the pass and will probably get one next year, but for now we'll go every other year. Emma is a funny girl who loves stuffed animals, the color pink, dinosaurs and rocks.

My tree house membership is still worth every penny, especially on these snowy days we've been having. It's so nice that my friends have passes as well and I can let Emma bring a friend along to have more fun. I usually just sit in the corner and catch up on my journal, so when she brings a friend it's just EASIER on me :)

Saturday is was 50 degrees so we went to Oak Lawn park for a picnic and kite flying. It was quite chilly but nice to get out of the house. Before we left we let Emma run the bases on the baseball field and she could have spent all day doing that. How can something as small as she is have SO much energy? I miss those days.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things that Impress

I'm feeling a little guilty over how negative my last post was, because it was quite honest. So I need to have a positive post to even it out.
10 Things that Impress me
*well mannered kids
*thank you notes
*people who remember birthdays
*people who remember names
*people who have will power and self control
*themed parties
*clean bathrooms
*well stocked fridges and pantries
*a strong testimony
*a beautiful centerpiece
Again, I would love to read anyone's list who is willing to make one. But there is a special tag for Cami since she tagged me first.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm so bugged

My friend Cami tagged me and I don't usually do tags, but this one was funny, and easy for me.
10 Things That Bug~
*Talking or yelling to someone when they're in another room
*Having the radio on in the car while trying to have a conversation
*People who can't (or won't) express appreciation or gratitude
*Seeing the Obamas on the cover of at least 3 magazines at a time, like they're rock stars or something
*When people leave a message saying "I have a question, call me back." Just leave the question and I'll call you back with the answer
*Undisciplined kids
*Water spots on a freshly cleaned bathroom mirror
*Dishes left in the sink when the dishwasher is empty or dirty
*Phone calls before 9 a.m. (maybe I'll give you before 8:30 a.m, but that's pushing it )
*Chewing with your mouth open if you're a kid or loud breathing while you're chewing if you're an adult. Most chewing noises in general. Or shoveling the food in your mouth like it's your last meal.
I know this post is totally negative, I'll do a positive one later. But I do want to know what bugs anyone who is willing to make a post about this. Sorry not to do specific names, but that's just too much pressure.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Part Three- Wrapping it up

We have just had soooo much fun on this trip. I am not ready to leave but I am ready to come home, if that makes sense. It will be two and a half weeks that we've been gone. We've enjoyed the 7o's and 80's every day and it's time we return home to our real life. I can't thank my parents enough for the great time they've shown me and for the loving friendship that I have with them.

One day my cousin Jordan came out with her two darling girls. I loved taking their pictures and was so glad that she asked. We went to the park and then stopped by to visit our Grandma and her sweet husband David.

My mom and I went to the mall and had our eyebrows "threaded." It was the best thing I've ever done for my face. By using two pieces of string my eye brows were plucked, thinned, and shaped. Now I just need to find a place in Utah that does it as well.
Our favorite thing to do is eat out on the back patio. One night my mom brought out all of her candles and lit them around the patio and we had an enchanted dinner. Words can not describe how nice the weather has been.

My friend Emily Everton (Call) had us over for the most beautiful lunch. Emma and her little girl Hannah got to play and Emily and I caught up some more. I wanted to have a photo of us and taking one in the mirror is the best we could come up with. She is 8 months pregnant but you wouldn't even know it!

It's a little bitter sweet seeing Emily again, because now I know what I'm missing out on. She went all out on lunch and made such a beautiful spread, effort like that goes a long way with me. She is just so fabulous and I love that in a friend.

My aunt DeNae brought over her niece Megan one day to play with Emma. I've never seen or really believed in kindred spirits, but Emma just adored Megan and still talks about her. I hope she is a little friend that Emma can keep in touch with over the years.

My friend Desi Ferrin flew out on our last day here to spend a day with me and then help me drive home. I'm so thankful to have help with Emma and I love her company. This isn't a great picture, but I thought it needed to be added.

Emma spent her last day with Paul and DeNae. They watched her while Desi and I had lunch and went shopping on Main street. I know she will miss them and it just means so much to me to have them involved in her life.

So our trip is over. It's been just what the Doctor ordered. I doubt I will ever have time like this again, and I'm so glad I took the opportunity to come down.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Part Two (of a 3 part series)

I consider the second part of our trip to be when Ryan left to go back to Utah, and my dad came back from his travels to join us for five days before heading out again. So these activities are from March 3rd to March 8th.
One day I met my childhood best friend, Emily Everton (Call), down at San Tan Mall to let our girls play and have a yummy lunch. I have not seen her in eleven years and we picked up right where we left off, I love that!

My parents took me on the best night hike out into the desert. It was about 35 minutes in and then they had a special place with wood tucked away where we had a great fire and they brought dinner for us to have a little cook out. Sorry, but I must say I have the best parents ever! How many people have parents that are so active and adventurous when they're 60?! Not many.
Another day Emma and I met up with another dear childhood friend of mine, Shannon Richter (Allen.) We took our kids to the park and then stopped and got my favorite sub at Ned's Krazy sub. Then we went back to her house and visited. Sadly, at the park I never even got a picture of Crew or Shannon, just of Emma. Nice friend I am.
I've had so much fun taking pictures of Emma with some great sunny days and a fresh background.
During this part of the trip I also saw my friend Emily McPhie who I just loved catching up with. We celebrated my dad's 61st birthday and I also had a chance to go to our old home ward which I love to do. This trip is doing so much for me and I hope I can carry this sunshine attitude home with me when I have to return and face the cold and snow.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Family Photo

My mom took these in her back yard just before we took Ryan to the airport. I think these will be our last family photos before Lydia joins us.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Part 1

Well, part 1 of our Arizona trip is over since Ryan flew out today. Part 2 consists of a lot of shopping and seeing old friends. To start off our trip we drove through Vegas this time so we could stop and see Ryan's Grandma in St. George. Her darling husband has a very sweet old horse and Emma loved getting to ride on his back.

One night we went out to Chevy's for a very yummy dinner. Ryan's parents gave us a gift card for Christmas and we've been saving it for this trip. It hit the spot and we rolled ourselves out of there.

Emma is such a great hiker and keeps a good pace with us and really likes to explore outside. We went for a beautiful hike out by the Salt River and enjoyed how green the desert is this time of year.
Celebrating Emma's third birthday was another one of our favorite activities on this trip.
My mom took us to lunch at Jo's Farm Grill which is one of our favorite spots. This place was on Diners, Drive Inns, and Dives for anyone who watches that show on the Food Newtwork. They have amazing burgers and their atmosphere is just charming with outdoor seating on picnic tables.

Last night we went to Tempe Market and enjoyed walking around and eating at CPK. I really think we would have more date nights if we actually had somewhere fun to go, like this place.

We took this picture just before taking Ryan to the airport to fly home. I really will miss him but I'm glad I still have another week and a half to enjoy this nice weather.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Emma!

Emma's birthday was so fun to celebrate this year because she actually knew what was going on. Our guest list was very small but I loved sharing it with those that are the closest to her.

To pass my dreary winter days I made these party favors while I was still in Utah and then filled them with cotton candy once I got down here.

This picture with Paul and DeNae is so cute, but I realized too late that we had a spot on the camera lens, bummer.

It's so nice to be down here in Arizona and get some sunlight on our faces and spend most of our time outside. I can't wait for my dad to come back from the middle east tomorrow and join us for the rest of our trip. He is Emma's biggest fan and she has always been a "Papa's girl." Other than missing my dad from the evening we had a very fun birthday party. I am just so thankful for all the family who truly loves and adores Emma, you know who you are ;)