Friday, March 9, 2012


 My darling Emma turned six.  Other than her first birthday this one has made me the most sad inside.  It's official now, she's grown up.  From this age on, the milestones will be far between.  From birth to age 5 the milestones are frequent and give reason for much celebration.  Now that she can read and is in school, I feel like the next milestone is driving and dating.  I hope I'm wrong.  I love watching her discover her abilities and strengths and develop new characteristics.  I am so thankful for the light Emma brings to my life and for the very dear friend she is of mine.  I am truly blessed to have her.

Here's Emma proposing a toast to all of her friends, I believe it was  "Friends Forever!!!"

Pin the leg on the octopus

Pass the fish- with sharkies as a prize

Opening gifts and singing Happy Birthday

Each girl took home her own fish.  They were SOOOOO excited.  
 We went to Texas Roadhouse for Emma's favorite meal, steak and broccoli.

When we got home we gave her a brand new bike that is more her size.  It's called Sea Star and this was money well spent.  Emma was one delighted little birthday girl.

 I LOVE how appreciative and enthusiastic Emma was about this whole day.  It was a lot of work, but she noticed every detail and was over the moon about her birthday party.  I want to give a special thanks to those who made a great effort to attend her party, call her, and give her a gift, you know who you are, and so does she, thank you so much from both of us!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


We started the first day of February with a pink and red french toast breakfast, as well as some festive gifts for the girls.  I just LOVE Holidays and making fun memories for my girls.

 Annie had a Valentine's baking day with the little kids. 

I love putting a heart in Emma's hair for the big day.
 Annie put Lydia's hair in rag ringlets like she did for me as a little girl.  Don't mind Lydia's chocolate teeth in the photo with the rags still in. It's funny how "in" this style was when I was little, and even more so when my mom was little. 

The girls got matching pajamas, glow stars for their bedroom, and another pink and red breakfast for Valentine's Day.

Then Emma went to school to deliver her Valentine to her classmates.

We made our own Valentines and took them around to Ogden to 10 different families and friends as well as a plate of cookies.

We ate out at Zuppas and then took the girls to the Solomon Center.  Ryan and I had our romantic date the weekend before with the Petersens for sushi.  On the actual 14th we seemed to be the only couple out who brought their kids, go figure.  We had a great time as a family and a really nice time seeing old friends.

Emma is loving Kindergarten, homework and all!!!

Ryan gave Emma an early birthday gift and set her up with a new fish tank and new pet fish.  I can't imagine her loving a puppy more than she loves these fish.  It's been fun to watch the girls be so excited over something so simple.

My dad is off on an adventure in Laos so my mom took my sister Sara and myself and our kids down south to get some sun.  We rented a house that was 6 bedrooms, had a basketball court, hot tub, and a park across the street.  It was cheaper than getting a hotel room!!  We had the BEST time!

 One night we had a glow balloon party, an idea we got from Pinterest.  The kids were in heaven and will never forget it.  I do have to admit that these photos make the activity seem a tad bit cooler than it really was, but oh well, a photographic memory can be handy sometimes.

 We stayed 3 nights and enjoyed every day.  The weather was in the 60's.  We walked every day, went hiking, ate out, and just let the kids play outside the entire time.  It was a nice break for all of us to finally soak up some vitamin D.
 This is the temple where Ryan's parents are sealed.  I just love this photo of my girls.

This photo was one of my Sunday activities.  Yikes!   I can't even begin to say how much editing it took.  Blimey.  Now that it's finished, I'm excited to put it in their room.  This captures both of their personalities so well.