Thursday, May 1, 2014


 The little neighborhood girls have become quite the fans of Lovey James.  So we decided to pay her a tribute by capturing a little bit of the uniqueness of each of these girls.

This photo is nothing special, it's just Lydia being cute.
This little image just cracked me up.  I let Lydia start off in my bed one night and only an hour or so later, she had managed to flip herself to the other end of the bed.  Kids are so funny that way. 

 Ryan and the girls having their weekly Sunday dance after church.

I've started going to a little breakfast club with some of the girls I work with.  It's been really good for me to branch outside of my usual routine and it makes work so much more enjoyable to actually be friends with my co-workers. 

Lydia and Jaycee, having a very rare play date.  I wish I made play dates happen more often for Lydia, she's so sweet with other girls and I love watching her interact with her friends. 

Our crazy friends, the Wimmers, took off to Thailand for a few weeks and we were lucky enough to keep their offspring for a couple of days.  
 Emma and Lydia were fawning all over Riggs, can you blame them?

Doesn't a little boy just look so cute with Ryan?

After I got the other girls in bed, I just couldn't bring myself to put this little snuggle bug down, so he got to stay up well past his bed time. 

Sailor and Lydia first met when we lived in Oklahoma. It's been fun to watch develop their social skills and really become sweet little friends.  Turns out babies are a lot more work than I remembered.  So I passed Riggs along with his intended scheduled volunteers, and we kept Sailor for a couple extra days who was a dream to add to our house full of girls.
 This photo below, I think my favorite photo of the year so far. This is the Tippings.  Matt and Krystal.  You know, they had the twin babies.  We like to get together sans kids.  I tried the old, "everybody make an ugly face," and it worked like magic.  I still laugh every time I look at this.  We met up for sushi in Ogden and then a little Farr's Fresh afterwards.  I just love having adult conversations, and they're always so deep with these two.  I'm surprised by how few friends we have who are willing to leave their kids for a solid date night.  We sure are thankful for these friends in our lives.  Look at those faces, who wouldn't want to know them?

The all time best is when I tricked my breakfast club friends the very next day into doing the same pose for a photo.  I think it might be my new MO. 

January was glorious in how mellow it was.  I believe it will be the only low key month of the whole year.  Life hasn't slowed down one single minute since February began, but we're loving all of the adventures.