Friday, August 9, 2013

Lydia's Luau

 My sweetest little treasure turned four this summer (insert tears here.)  How is my BABY four?!!

We had a Hawaiian Luau in Paradise, where else?

Pinterest makes this rainbow slushy drink seem a lot easier to execute than it is in reality.

 So you're probably thinking "Hey, isn't that the same photo stacked on top of each other?"  Well, no, it isn't.  They are slightly different angles, and I had to show both to get my time's worth.  Just a note for some of you.  If you don't like delegating (or are incapable of it) or asking for help, so you have a party to prepare for the whole family, well, you probably shouldn't carve fruit during the day of the party, it can really add to your stress level and put you behind for when the guests arrive, I'm just sayin'.

We HAD to do the Limbo, these are the top 3 winners.
1. Lydia.  It's her birthday, aaaaaand, look at that face, is she worried she won't clear the stick?
 2. My dad.  He is totally trying to participate.  There's his daughter on the left trying to cut him some slack, and his life partner on the right, finding joy and not budging on raising that stick!
 3. Kennedy of course, that girl is rubber I tell ya!

 We played some minute to win it games.  Boys vs. Girls.  We looked for hidden paper umbrellas, had yoga competitions, fire baton twirling, hula hoop contests, lei piling, and pass the orange.
 The best was the game called "Go Fish."  The kids had to reach in this vase and see who could catch a fish with their bare hand in the least amount of time.  Emma dominated with a 3 second catch!
 At the start of the night, everyone had a lei.  If you said the word "drink" then someone else could say "gotcha" and you had to give them your lei.  The person at the end of the night with the most leis was the winner.  Brody was thrilled to win, but not thrilled that he only won a fruit roll up.  Sorry kid!

We had some fantastic presents, Lydia was pleased as Hawaiian punch!  A Minnie Mouse ever!!  I don't support character clothing, but pajamas is an exception.  Look at Emma eying all her new gifts.

 The best ever was when we lit the candles and Lydia's paper umbrella went up in flames, she was scared for her life!!  I wish I could've caught her face on camera.
 I had two amazing parts of her birthday.  One was when Ryan and I pulled her aside and let her open a gift from our house elf.  She was finally returning Lydia's silk tag back to her.  Lydia has been missing it since the elf left Christmas Eve and took it with her.  It's a long story of the significance of this tag, but it just really means a lot to her and I went to great lengths to make the gift possible, so I was pleased to find that she treasured this present.  As a baby she used to suck her thumb and rub taggy on her nose.  She still love to rub that tag on her nose, and my nose as well, if I've been extra nice.
 The ultimate best part of the day was when the party was over, everything had been played, eaten, and unwrapped.  Then Lydia and I sat down by the pool and talked about her life and how thankful I am to have her in mine.

For the sake of the blog book I am going to address this letter to Lydia.  It's surely going to be cheesy, so you might want to spare yourself.  I just have to write it now, I know if I don't now, then who knows when I will. 
Dear Pipsquek,
I struggle to find the words to let you know jut how much you fill my heart.  You bring a gentleness and tenderness with you everywhere you go.  My life has a lot of big personalities, loud laughing, and playing hard.  Then you come along, with your tiny little body, your fluffy hair, and those bright blue eyes.  You instantly soften every room you step into.  When you were a baby I would just lay next to you and beg God to not let me forget the way you smelled, the little sounds you made, and the way I felt.  I think I have been blessed to really soak up the tiny moments with you.  I love it when you crawl in bed with me in the mornings, and gently pet my cheeks, and when I open my eyes I see the most loving expression on your face, just like the one I would wear when I watched you sleep as a baby.   I absolutely love watching you learn, you really soak it all in and value the importance of being smart.  I love that you know your limits, much better than I know your limits.  I never have to worry about you being in danger, but I am always surprised by what you are capable of, especially for someone so young.  Most of all, I love what an obedient little girl you are.  The ability to obey will serve you well in this life, and I mean that to be much further reaching than just obeying your parents.  I've loved watching you grow up, reach milestones, and give so much purpose to my life.  Six years ago I felt your absence in our family, we truly were incomplete without you.  I am so thankful for your sweet gentle spirit and the love and light you bring to this family.  Thanks goodness I don't have a choice whether you grow up or not, because if it were up to me you would have stayed 3 forever.  You are my sweetest little Pippie.  I hope you had the happiest birthday (which of course you did, look at all those above photos, how could you not love this day?)  All my love, literally, you can have every drop that I can give.  Love, Mom.