Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ummm.....hello! That is ONE beautiful baby!

So what can I say that these pictures won't say themselves? Not much really. I am definitely going to hell, because I think I have an unhealthy amount of pride in my sweetest little "treasure." But can you blame me?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let the party planning begin!

I LOVE parties. Especially themed parties. My sweet little baby turns one is two months and I have begun to consume my spare time with planning her birthday. I know she is only 1, and she won't know the difference, but I think it is fun. Plus I know my little nieces and nephews (assuming they even come) will enjoy the activities and prizes. So instead of sulking over the snow today I have decided to head into town and start some of the projects that will be needed. Obviously there will be more photos to come soon!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring has sprung

We have been keeping rather busy lately.  We've had company come to town the last few weekends and I enjoyed going to Logan for a few days to help my Aunt Lee with some projects.  Usually she is always helping me but it was nice to serve her for a changeWhile I was there I did enjoy leaving Lydia behind as I met my friend Staci and her two boys for baby animal days.  It was super crowded but not a problem at all.  We never had to wait in line and we were able to spend 3 hours there without ever getting bored.  It was a perfect way to kick off the Spring season and I loved taking Emma on an adventure all by herself.  She is such a good girl and helps me out so much and I know I need to be better at giving her more rewards.
These were just some random photos I took of Emma and her friends Katie who are in the same dance class.  Katie has been a life saver this winter since she lives just down the street.  On Tuesday their dance costumes came in so I let them wear them after dance class and I tried some new settings with my camera and photo shop.  I am clearly still learning.
These are the photos I took while staying in Logan with the Jensens.  The whole family is so good to play with and watch the girls for me.  While Lydia was in the tub/kitchen sink she had a little bowel movement.  I had the dry heaves so Lee and Jessica were good sports to "take care" of the situation.  Nope, I'm not pregnant or anything, I just have a strong gag reflex.
Lydia LOVES to pull herself up on to ANYTHING and everything.  This little window sill is just her size.  It was so cute/sad to see her watching the other kids play outside.  Some day Lydia, some day.
Meanwhile, back in Liberty, I am trying to let Emma have more play dates.  Addi came up for a whole afternoon and it was Heaven for me and her mom.  Margo (Grandma) gave Emma the cutest children's cook book for Easter and we have been trying some of the recipes.  The little banana catepillar is one that we have all enjoyed.  I also have been letting Emma take more photos of our family and so those ones of Lydia and I are some of Emma's most recent work.  We loved having Julie and her boyfriend come and stay with us for an extended Easter weekend and I can't thank her enough for how she spoils my kids and what a great aunt she is.
I don't know where the blasted spell check button is.  So please excuse my spelling errors :)

A good compromise

So much for starting an anti-narcissism movement. I got rid of comments so that I wouldn't care so much what people thought. Yes, it worked. However, in the process I feel like I lost touch with a lot of family and friends. So I feel that a good solution to this little problem I have is that I will compromise and allow comments every 5 posts or every month if I fall behind.  This way, we all win :)  P.S.  I updated to the new and improved blog layout, and I don't like it, not one bit.  It actually puts me in a pretty bad mood when I try to upload photos or find the blasted spell check button.  Darn you blogger for making us feel like we NEED you!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The month of March...and a little of April

Most photos I take of the girls are more along the lines of the photo above. It takes a lot of patience to get one like the photo below, but it sure is worth it when I can make it happen.

Easter Sunday was pretty low key for us. We had a thick layer of snow on the ground and this was the first year we haven't spent it with my family. Instead we had Ryan's sister Julie staying with us so it was a great reason to mix things up as far as traditions go. We still stuck with receiving Easter baskets (Ryan and myself included) and an Easter egg hunt and also the coloring of the eggs and a yummy dinner.

The girls have both been sick lately but I have been so proud of them, especially Lydia, for not even skipping a beat and both keeping such happy dispositions.

Ryan's parents and his sister and niece came to stay with us for the weekend and it is always such a special treat when we get to see them and host them in our home. They adore the girls and are such doting grandparents and such great company.

Emma was in heaven when I watched my friend's little boy Canyon. He is nearly two years older than her but she did let me know that she wants to marry him. Heaven help me! Actually, I think it's cute. Heaven help Ryan though, he's not ready, nor will he ever be, to hear his little girl talk that way.

St. Patty's day we had our green french toast with green syrup and Emma was quite delighted with her new green shirt. We left mushrooms out for the leprechauns the night before and enjoyed the plate of gold (rolos) they left for us in exchange.

Finally going back to Emma's birthday (March 1st, a month ago) we went out as a family to Texas Roadhouse and she thought it was pretty sweet to sit on the saddle and join the girls in the line dancing. We're so thankful for what a good natured little girl Emma is. I asked her what she is most looking forward to this year and she said a Daddy Daughter date to go hiking. What a champ!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eden to Paradise

By now everyone should know that we are living in my parent's house in Liberty/Eden (the town border each other, it's an Eden address but Liberty boundaries to the locals). They have it up for sale and kindly invited us to take advantage of their empty house. Meanwhile they sold their AZ home and have purchased their dream home up in Paradise, in Cache Valley, near Logan, for those of you who aren't familiar with the area. I like to tease that my parent's have it real rough moving from Eden to Paradise, both town names fitting for the place they call home. Here are a few highlights from each home. Liberty, where we are living, can outshine any home in the summer time. I will do a special post on what we are looking forward to another time. But for now these are just simple photos of the inside. My parents are empty nesters but LOVE to host family parties and really want somewhere that we all feel comfortable spending our Holidays and the weekends. They now have 13 grandchildren and it's nice that we won't have to be on top of each other.

Liberty Kitchen

The view from the kitchen window. That's right, I took this April 1st. Notice the snow.

Master Bedroom

Family Room

And now on to Paradise...

Entry way

Living Room
The Golden ticket- The grand kids play court

The Dorm Room- This is where the grand kids sleep. It has two queen beds and soon to have a twin and also plenty of room for sleeping bags if need be.
Down stairs Family room- with heated cement floors

The views

Other random photos- My favorite bathroom, my mom's long awaited personal office and scrapbook room, and one of the guest rooms

Fun times for all!