Thursday, May 23, 2013


Spring break in Utah is never at a pleasent time of year, but we still managed to pack some fun activities into the week.  We took the girls down to the aquarium in Salt Lake.  Honestly, we all had a great time.  Sure we had to force them to pet the sharks and be shocked by the electric eel assimilation, but it was good for them, and they were glad they did it.
 We've been having the neighborhood girls join us for a lot of activities and little parties.  I serve as their Activity Day leader and it's so fun to get to know the girls Emma plays with and not just send them out the door to play.  I'm looking forward to a happy summer Emma will have filled with loads of friends.

 Sara and I met up at McDonald's to let the kids play and have dinner.  These cousins are soooo close and get so excited to see each other, even if it has only been a few days since their last visit.

 We had the Malmbergs come out to my parents one night to pick up Addi who we borrowed for a sleep over.  The kids loved sitting in the hot tub and playing in the gym.  A double rainbow appeared in the back yard and they were all beside themselves excited about it.

Emma and Addi have been friends since birth.  We love having Addi in our home and the sweet spirit and nature she has about her.  I love this photo of the two girls.  They get along so well and I never have to intervene.  Both of the girls look like their dads, and their dads were such great sports to repose for this same picture.  

We made the mistake of going to baby animal days.  The lines were a joke, and the animals were rather lame compared to the time and money spent to see them.  It was a beautiful day though, and we did buy cotton candy, so it wasn't a total loss. We made a family memory, so that's worth something.  We just won't be going again, or recommending it to anyone else we know. 

The girls have loved playing and exploring near the canal in our backyard.  They found a turtle one day that they begged Ryan to catch.  It didn't happen.  However, they still count the little turtle as one of our pets. 

Brad and Jessica are leaving us again to go and sell for the summer.  We spent a winter together of date nights, game nights, movies, and seeing each other at family functions.  Unfortunately we didn't take any photos.  So although it may seem like we're not super close, we've really done quit a lot with them and consider them our really good friends. 

These darling kids live across the street.  The kids go back and forth to one another's houses and I love having neighbor kids for Emma AND Lydia to play with. 

One magical day I had a chance to go to Ogden all by myself to run multiple errands and meet up with Carrie for lunch at Zuppas.  Neither of us had our kids and it was so glorious to have a conversation without interruption.  We covered a lot of topics in 90 minutes and it was completely delightful.

Emma has had a loose tooth for nearly two months.  Ryan and I finally got sick of watching it dangle there.  The tooth wasn't really ready, but somehow we managed to tie some floss around it, Ryan gave it a big yank, and voila!!  Emma, at age 7, finally lost her first top tooth, and only her 3rd tooth over all.  

Oh. Ya know.  Just doing my bi-monthly hair dye.  
 We had my Grandma Mary come over for dinner and cards one night.  The girls just love her and it's so great having their GREAT grandma be part of their lives.

Lydia is a very opinionated little girl when it comes to what she wears.  I love how many times a day she changes, and her love for sparkly dress up clothes.  She really has become her own little person and just delights me to no end. 

On a lunch date with Annie, Lydia managed to score these matching shoes, along with a pair for Emma.  I am green with jealousy.  I wish they came in my size. 

We had a wonderful 3 generation lunch date out on the patio at Elements.  I love spending time with my mom and daughter all at once. 
 I have stumbled on the best babysitter in the World.  This sweet girl is Lexie, she's 16.  She has babysat for us before.  Then she was bored on Saturday so she brought her wagon over, along with a picnic, side walk chalk, hula hoops, bubbles, sun screen, that big ball, and loads of other toys.  She took the girls to the park for 3 hours!!!  Then she came with us to run multiple errands, all just so she would have something to do.  She is a gem and I appreciated her services more than I can say.  Especially since it was the day before a big trip and I had loads to do, and really needed the house to myself.  I'm looking forward to a summer of puting this sweet girl to good use :)