Monday, August 24, 2009

"Good Grief"- Charlie Brown

Good grief, I can't believe I haven't posted anything for a month! We've been busy doing really fun activities and I haven't even taken very many pictures, I'm so mad at myself. So here's a little update and a few of the pictures that I have taken.

So what's new with us is Ryan got a new job! came not a moment too soon. He now works for Star Metal Fluids and will be the area sales rep. for Utah. He has left to Arizona for 3 weeks of training. Before he left we spent time with the Jensens and Kylee and Brody trying to see as much of them as possible before they moved to Arizona. Would've been nice had I taken any pictures, but no such luck.

So since Ryan has left his sister Julie has been here staying with me. She came bearing gifts and more patience than I have ever had. It was really nice to have "nanny Julie" here. She and I have been great friends over the past twelve years that Ryan and I have been together. I was very sad to see her go, especially since we won't be making it to Portland anytime this year.

We went to Gateway one day to shop and let Emma play in the fountain, except I forgot her swimsuit. So I let her play in the fountain with her clothes on and fought my better judgement and chose to be a more relaxed mom and let her get soaked, even though I had no change of clothes.