Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

 I can't help but give a special tribute to my mom on Mother's Day.  She is my best friend, my confidant, and my advisor.  I look to her for answers and counsel on the things that matter most in life and she never lets me down.  I have loved falling as the youngest in our family because it has given me so much more time alone with her.  My current favorite quality of my mom is what an adoring, doting grandmother she is.  I know that I can completely trust her to give my daughters the support, encouragement and adoration that they need and deserve.  Sometimes I think they're in better hands with her then they are with me!!!

My mom HATES cats, HATES them!!  And yet, she bought one because she knew the grandkids would love it....aaaaand because it would eat mice.  Sadly, instead it got eaten itself.  But boy howdy did those kids love on this kitty before it met it's untimely death.

This photo below is when my mom flew herself out to Oklahoma so she could drive 18 hours in the car with me and my girls and make sure we were safe and made a really great adventure out of it.  We stopped every couple hours for a treat or a new prize.  I don't even think we listened to music.  I believe we just talked the entire time.  Definitely one of my favorite memories.

At this age in life, she deserves to have some little sports car.  Small, easy to drive, great gas mileage, but nope, not for her.  Instead Annie bought Sanity, a car big enough to fit all of her Utah grandkids so that she could keep us close as a family and take the kids on many adventures.  It had all the perks so that the adults and kids could have a wonderful time together and keep their sanity :)

Also, I can think of very few women in their sixties who can keep such great pace and go on so many hikes and athletic adventures.  I love that my mom and dad are game for a new exploration, especially if it involves wearing their hiking shoes.

 So here's to a wonderful Mother, Grandmother, and friend.  My life wouldn't be the same without you.  Thank you for all you do to keep us close as a family and to help us live the happiest life we can.  I love you mom.  Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


So far 2012 has been filled with a lot of choices for us. We've had our struggles with spending too much time looking back.  However, we're moving on and only looking forward.  These next few months are going to be pretty crazy, but we're thankful to have so many options in front of us and we just hope and pray that we do right by our girls.

 The girls loved Easter and all that it entails.  We had fun coloring Easter eggs and Ryan won the contest for best egg.  He cut up some of his silk ties, wrapped them around the egg, boiled them in water, and voila!!  A magical print that not even an artist could recreate.
 We had our Easter picnic down by the river with my parents.  We enjoyed a bon fire and throwing rocks in the river.  I can't believe how brown the beginning of the month was compared to the end.

Emma has learned how to ride a bike without training wheels and is so proud of herself.  Ryan tried a new little trick and boy did it work.  
 For the first time in my life I saw the end of the rainbow.  If ever anyone needed a pot of gold, it would be us.  However, the experience and awe we shared with our girls is treasure enough.

Below are some random photos taken with my phone.  1.  The sunset is a hike Emma and I did one night.  She is in such great shape and a fabulous hiking partner.  2.  We had a family hike up Logan canyon where we let the girls play in the river at the end of it. 3. Ryan and our little cheezer mcgeezer Lydia.  4.  Emma must have got my phone and took a photo of Lydia playing dolls. 5.  I love the creativity that Emma shows and that she used play dough to leave me little messages.

 THIS is my parent's home.  Can you say BE-YOU-TEE-FULL!!  It's been a long winter stuck up in the mountains with little to do.....but this spring and summer will make up for it.

 I took the girls to SLC to check out the new City Creek Mall.  It was sooooo divine!!  The girls have been saving their money to buy whatever they wanted from the Disney Store.  I love teaching them the value of a dollar.  We then had a picnic and played in the fountain at the Gateway, followed by a tour of the Temple Square flowers.  Having two little girls is everything I always hoped it would be.

This is the Jensen family.  These cousins are 7-15 years younger than me, and they're my closest cousins.  They go above and beyond their title of great aunt and uncle and second cousins to my little girls.  Our time here in Cache Valley wouldn't be the same without them.
My cousin Kylee an her husband Brody, who have been our besties for years now, came for a visit and we were thrilled to be invited to spend the weekend with the family.

Jake and Cam are soooo good to my girls, especially Emma.  I'm fully aware that teenage boys have better things to do than entertain a little 6 year-old girl, but it means so much to me how sweet they are to her.  You might be thinking, "Hey, isn't that photo in the bottom left corner taken during church?  I thought photos are frowned upon in church."  Well, yes, yes that is a photo taken in church.  But guess what, it was a sweet moment, and I wanted a photo, that's just how I roll.

My foot hasn't quite recovered from my surgery, but at least Bundy was able to join them for a hike.  Lydia has been talking about Salomon for the last few months, finally she got her fill of him.  

We had a delicious dinner followed by a late night of games and treats.

Sunday we all headed to the park for an adult recess, it.was.awesome.

I am sooo happy inside my heart that Spring is here!!  April has been my favorite month of the whole year.  I don't anticipate another month this great until July, but who knows what will happen.  I can't wait to see what's in store.