Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby Bump (32 weeks)

I've always regretted not taking pictures of myself when I was pregnant with Emma. So this time I swallowed my pride and let my talented friend Carrie do the honors for me. I was sooooooo uncomfortable being in a photo all by myself, it's been years since I've posed without Ryan or Emma. In fact I didn't even have Bridal photos because I'm uncomfortable with individual attention. I'm glad I made the exception though and that my kids will have these photos to look back on. I must say that I do LOVE being pregnant, regardless of the changes the body goes through, I am just so thankful for the opportunity and really consider myself lucky to be able to carry my child. I think it's so easy to take pregnancy for granted, but I really consider myself to be more blessed than I deserve.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Wicked awesome!

Last week I finally got a chance to check out what all the fuss was about with this Wicked craze. Let me just say that the performance lived up to it's reputation. I LOVED every minute of it and couldn't believe how this production is in a class of it's own. I even liked it better than the Las Vegas production of Phantom of the Opera, and that's saying something. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I got my eighty dollar's worth for this ticket, and I'm stingy with money :)

Last year my Aunt Lee had a friend offer to buy some tickets for her, so she sent out a group text in August saying that if we were interested we had to get back to her that day. I sure am glad I agreed right then and there because apparently tickets are impossible to get your hands on. So in the end we had a group of ten Griffin (my mom's side of the family) family members that all met up in Salt Lake. We went to the yummiest dinner at Cafe Trio and had so much fun visiting and catching up. I have the BEST extended family, my cousins and aunts are a huge part of my life, which is so nice because I didn't grow up living by family.

The performance was at the Capitol Theater and once inside we split up into two groups, just two rows apart. My group was the lucky group because we didn't have a lady sitting right behind us unwrapping candy the whole time. Plus it was nice to see more of the Romneys who I see the least of.

This night was so much fun and I would definitely recommend this performance to anyone. Thanks again Lee for getting us the hook up!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

An Egg-cellent day

We really enjoyed a beautiful sunny Easter Sunday. My parents came back from their "winter quarters" the day before Easter so we all got together as a family up in Logan at my aunt Carol's house. We had so much fun seeing everyone again and it was just a great day.

Emma and Jaken played soooo good the whole day, which is unusual. There is usually hitting and crying of some sort, but perhaps they took a break for the Holiday.

We had Hawaiian Haystacks and yummy desserts. Carol's home is a great size for entertaining large groups.

My parents are just the best when it comes to creativity. They made a really fun Egg game that all 20 of us were able to play. It was a competition with hard boiled eggs. The best part was that after a great series of 2 on 2 competitions, Emma came out the champion. For anyone that wants a fun idea for a game for next year, just let me know and I'll tell you the details.

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We wrapped everything up by a great game of volleyball. I couldn't ask for a better family and we couldn't have had a nicer day.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is the latest addition to our long history of owning bunnies. She is the FIFTH rabbit we've had since being married. That doesn't include the dozen + we had while living at my parents. We had EVERY single bunny item a person could even need. After storing it in our garage for the last year I decided we might as well put it to use. So Peanut is here to join us for a few more months until she will run out the rest of her days at my parents place. I would like to keep her, but I'm funny about babies and animals, I don't think they mix. Emma was holding her on her lap on our way home from picking her up and she said...
"Mom, does this bunny talk?"
"Well, what's it do then?"
"Ummmm. Hmmmm. Looks cute and helps keep you busy until the weather warms up."