Monday, June 22, 2009

3 is the best!!

We've been keeping busy trying to pass the time until the sun comes out or Lydia comes out, which ever comes first. We've spent a lot of time up at my parent's house. This summer has been so fun to watch Emma really enjoy their "farm." I must say that 3 is the BEST age!

I got mine and Emma's hair cut for the summer. Both of us went a little shorter than I planned, but oh well, it grows back.

Last weekend we went to Salt Lake and my dad got us a room at the Marriot because he felt sorry for my sanity. Seriously, at 37 weeks I was a mental person. This little weekend get-away was just what I needed to recharge myself and be able to face a couple more weeks of pregnancy. Now I'm right as rain, fitting considering the weather we've had.

We had so much fun swimming in the hotel pool. Emma is so brave in the water and floating around is when I feel my best.

We also LOVED showing Emma around Temple Square. She was sooooo into all the pictures and stories, and the flowers were just beautiful!

We ate with my parents at the Red Iguana which we had heard so much about. It was a major hit with Bundy, but me, not so much. Too authentic, I like Tex Mex better. Costa Vida or Cafe Rio is my favorite version of Mexican food.