Friday, October 22, 2010

Wee Witches

These are Emma's friends that she has had since she was a brand new baby. We used to do everything together. But as life would have it, we hardly see each now. So I thought this would be a perfect activity for the little girls to reunite.
From left to right is Emma, Addi Malmberg, Daviny Rasmussen, and Lily Stowers.

I sent the girls on a scavenger hunt. I started them with a photo of something in our house or yard, then they had to find the location and search for their next photo that would have the next location to go to. There were prizes and treats at various spots along the way. I was thrilled with how delighted the girls were with the adventure.

I couldn't help myself. I'm sure 4 year olds don't recognize a "theme" when they see one. However, with Emma being a candy corn witch this year I couldn't help myself but to make everything candy corn themed. The cheese balls were the party favor and the orange bread was dyed from Lee's market place. Those are candy corn rice krispy treats that I must say they turned out cuter than tastier.

I have ALWAYS wanted to have a little dinner party somewhere up in the woods. Even as an adult I think it would be divine. Our front yard was a good substitute and the girls loved it as much as I did.

Thanks for coming little witches!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Headbands, Hair cut, & Halloween decor

Yesterday I finally decided to get out all of my excess and left over fabric I had lying around and make some headbands and hair bows. They turned out pretty cute, especially considering how cheaply I made them. However it was quite the mess and learning curve so I don't intend on making more any time too soon. At least not by myself.

This headband was intended to be for the girls but it turned out larger than I expected. Oh well, I need something to spice up my accessories.

Lydia's hair has been due for a hair cut for sometime now. It's so fine that it tangles easily and it hasn't been growing as long in the back as it does in the front. I didn't want to drive to my girl in Brigham, so I decided to just go for it and cut it myself. This is the first time (and trust me, there have been many times) that my taking the scissors into my own hands has actually turned out okay. I don't plan on being her hairstylist, but for just this once it was a good idea. It helps that I put product in it and used my chi to flip it out. It's cute for a change but I love her ringlets the most.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Calling all witches

My sister Sara and her friend Tiffany hosted the most fun girl's night out last night. These pictures are pretty self explanatory.

These are a few of my favorite photos from the catwalk as everyone showed off their costumes. The one photo in the collage is of a girl doing her best Bella Swan imitation, pretty good eh?

We had a great scavenger hunt that sent us through North Ogden and even up to the cometary at one point, where another girl from another team was hiding behind the tombstone we had to find and seriously scared me half to death!!

I helped the girls out a bit with their party so they let me bring a couple friends. Below is Susan and Carrie, my special guests for the evening. It was nice b/c we all knew quite a few other girls there.

Thanks for a fun night Sara and really outdid yourselves!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Totally random

Ryan was sent these images of this baby porcupine in an email. I can't help it. I think it is the cutest thing ever!!

This is totally who I have been picturing as Ceaser Flickerman (the tv show host) from Hunger games. I never knew his name or could recall a single thing he's been in, and just last night Ryan and I saw him on Community so I was able to secure this photo of him. I'm done with the series so I promise no more posts about it. I swear I'm not some hard core fan like all the Twilight teeny boppers out's just that I read them back to back and it kind of consumed me for a while.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

keeping busy

I CAN'T BELIEVE I didn't get a picture of my sister-in-law Julie when she came to stay with us. We had so much pictures. When she came we went to Bear Lake for a day to have a picnic and play on the beach. If it counts for anything, she was the one who took the photo of Ryan and I. She's such a good auntie/sister to come and make special trips just to see little old us. Miss you already Ju!

We make a point every week of having a Family Fun Night. This night we decided to take a picnic and hike up cold water Canyon near our home. We let Emma take the camera and it's so fun to see what she will capture from her little version of the world.

What's a blog post from me without a photo of a spider? That is a MASSIVE spider. We put our keys down to show it's size, but it doesn't do it justice.

My dad has been in China so while he was gone I went and spent a couple of nights with my mom. We had a cousins play date at the Fun Park and had the place to ourselves. It was so nice not to worry about the kids. Poor little Lydia just watched the big ones play without her. It breaks my heart she won't ever have a cousin to run around with. She'll just be the tag along to Emma and Milly.

The Primary Program was a couple of weeks ago and it is my favorite part about church. The Presidency did such a great job with the sweetest songs. Emma was so darling. The best was after she said her line in the microphone she gave to big thumbs up like "super star!" The all time highlight for me was when she fell down on the stage. She wasn't even walking, totally standing still, and just fell over. I was streaming tears. Bless her heart, but that is just so typical of her.

My girls are just now at the stage where they can play together or bathe together and I don't have to be there to supervise them. That's a big deal for me. Some of my friends busted their kids out pretty fast so they have been playing together for years, but I'm just entering this chapter and totally loving it.

Emma is still loving pre-school and I'm really impressed with the amount of work her teacher goes to. I love my six hours a week that she's gone and she always comes home so happy.

For her field trip we went to the local fire department. Look at Emma's face in this photo...classic!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So nobody is amused with my version of Gale. Not that I think he should be cast in the movie, but that's just who I picture in my head. These are the two other suggestions I've received, if you have one leave it under the comments and I'll add it to the list.

Kylee's Gale

Natalie's Gale (this is Boon from LOST, but he still fits the part nicely)

Hunger Games Cast

Alright, alright. I know this seems like I have too much time on my hands. But I must say I have been incredibly productive all week. I am just about to start into the last book of the Hunger Games series. I realize I am at the tail end of the book reading craze. But I just thought I would share who I imagine the characters to be. I have the BEST Ceaser Flickerman (the tv host) but I can only picture him in my mind, I can't remember his real name. Anyway, this is the cast as I see it....

Primrose Everdeen
(this is Dakota Fanning's little sister. I understand she looks younger than 12 here, but still I think she suits the part nicely.)

Hello! Perfect. I know it seems like Haymitch should be older. But if you do the math he shouldn't be older than 43 years.

Katniss Everdeen



Johanna (from book two)

Father Everdeen (from flashbacks)

Mother Everdeen

Clove (from the first book, one of the careers who hated Katniss)

Effie Trinket


President Snow

Sure there are plenty of other characters, but these are the only ones who have actual faces to me as I read. Anyway, just thought I would share.