Thursday, March 28, 2013


February continued to deliver winter to us in full force.  I was thrilled one morning when I was able to capture these beautiful photos after dropping Emma off at school.

This tree reminds me of the one from Avatar.

My parents went to Oregon and brought me back a magical bag of hand me downs from my sister Stacey.  Emma and I have had fun making her some new outfits.

For Valentine's I made the family a yummy pink breakfast and we opened gifts before school.
Ryan and I heart attacked the girl's doors with qualities that we love about each of them.

For one of Ryan's gifts I asked select family and friends to send me 3 qualities they admire about Ry, then I compiled them together.  The red words were ones that multiple people listed.

Emma's Valentine for her classroom

The girl's Valentine's outfits

We headed up to my parent's to celebrate that evening with my family.  My mom didn't disappoint in her ability to go all out.

Sara and I, who sadly for me, we look nothing alike.

The kids had their own meal and activities before we shuffled them off to the basement for a movie while the adults played games.

One benefit to this odd chapter of our lives is the amount of time Ryan has to spend with these little girls of ours.  He's had time to volunteer in their class, take them to swim lessons, drive the car pool, and really BE there for them when they need it.  I know it won't always be this way, but we sure are enjoying this silver lining in our lives right now.

These are the kids in Lydia's joy school group.   

Lydia is our little poser girl right now.  She loves to have her photo taken and she'll strike a pose if you even just smile at her.

Ry and I have been really trying to pull ourselves together and prepare for summer.  So we're doing the no carb diet.  Below is a yummy pizza Ry made with a cauliflower crust.  It makes this "diet" thing not so crazy difficult.